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Wind blowing like the devil’s breath chased me and beat me with fiery tongs across the Great Plains as the big motor purred along and we turned right for 100 miles while still going straight, huge landlocked ocean liner RVs tilting and swaying but managing to never fall over as I passed.  Miles slid under the wheels like schools of minnows filing under a footbridge spanning four states and two days on the road brought me to the town I left, to which I will never return since I was never really there in the first place.  A man with no home town is a man with a home planet and that is the area where I grew up, third from the fire and ready to leave at any time.  Home is where you make it and I never made it in the backward humidity of the hick towns we visited for years at a time, transients in body and  refugees in spirit.  But there I was, for another week, pretending to be somewhere that I wasn’t and hoping that no one would notice and finally saying the hell with it and just drifting off like I did for 8 years before evaporating into the muggy skies only to rain down in the high plains.  Two wheels there and two wheels back with stops to visit old friends I was meeting for the first time and drinks served by a cute little thing who probably saw her grandfather every time I smiled.  It’s hell getting old, and people say it beats the alternative, but no one has ever proven that to my satisfaction.