Hardrocking Jonny G

Rev it up and go, cat, go!

Banshee Air

It came screaming up from Gila Monster land with the roar of the desert furnace, trees snapping like dogs at imaginary foes in the faceless relentless merciless maw of the dragon, grass cowered before its onslaught as whitecaps rode the puddles on the backs of leviathan.  Huge and gnashing of teeth, slobbery with desire to destroy all before it enslave all it met and break those who would refuse to bend.  For 12 hours I fought St. George’s dragon, Ahab’s ashen foe, that nameless thing at the bottom of the cellar stairs as it tore me limb from limb and disassembled my very molecules into atoms and quarks and little leftover bits of primordial matter streaking through time like infinitesimal krill fleeing the baleen-lined mouth of the giant sea-mammal.  Finally, I gave in and sank to the ground in abject misery at my failure, sent my plaintive cry for help across the ether and boarded the rescue ship as the monster continued tearing at the world around me like a kraken sent to humble Man before the Gods.  Bloody wind.


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